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"A searingly honest and funny account of an artist's journey. Through a mostly affectionate look back at his adventures, the author illuminates the formation of a young man's character and the inspirations for his love of music."


-Christopher Vogler (Story Consultant and Author of The Writer's Journey)

" A winsome chronicle of interesting life experiences and colorful characters; as if the “everyman” in Bradley just can’t help wandering through the looking glass from time to time. The mundane, the artistic and the bizarre combine in these encounters...pleasingly both twisted and charming."


-Jim Martone (President, Suitable Group, LLC)

Bradley has created an off beat, fun filled, walk through of all the aspects of his rock' n roll life. This guy tells it like it is, from his love affair with playing piano, to picking up the pieces of a rock band on tour. A must read for those with a passion for the arts.

- Bill Pfordresher (Producer/Songwriter)

They say every sinner has a future and every saint has a past. Cliff's journey in 'I Found God in Hollywood' is a sublime example that getting into trouble can sometimes be the best path towards finding that sweet place of bliss we all are searching for. If you can find God in Hollywood, you can find It pretty much anywhere else!

- Mastin Kipp (CEO of The Love Yourself Company and

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