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Today we set up Hootsuite!

Today, I just got turned on to Hootsuite. Many of you probably already know what it is.

I just found out.

Hey, better late than never.

Apparently, I can view all my social media streams from ONE place.

Not only that, but I can interact and organize and sub-divide which "hat" I'm


For example, if I just want to be regular me, I'll just post on twitter or Facebook like normal.

If I want to put on my "writer guy" hat, I can blog from my WIX blogger account and that will send out to all my ancillary sites in Facebook, and Google+ so far.

If I want to put on my "artist" hat, I can post to my Recording Artist Band Pages in Facebook and Google+.

If I want to put on my "talk show host" hat, I can subsequently focus on that "persona"

and directly interact with people who care about that, who may HATE my writer guy hat.

Its like this:

I want to be able to go to a Punk Rock Concert and not piss off my Afro-Cuban Jazz snob friends.

I want to be able to go see Chick Corea and not alienate my Punk Rock friends.

I want to post about hating Donald Trump and not piss off my Republican friends who don't know any better.

Etc. Ad infinitum ad nauseam...

What does this all really mean?

Where are we going as a species?

Is Climate Change real?

Does it matter if you're good when no ones watching?

These are the kinds of things you can look forward to, whichever hat YOU wear!

Got it?


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