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Feeling Very Inspired

I have a lot going on and want to share it with you today.

For literally YEARS I've been trying to figure out HOW I was going

to organize my new life and have felt too overwhelmed to even TRY.


Because it seemed like it was too much and that I didn't know where to begin

or what to do next and I didn't understand all the technology and I was LAZY.

Not just lazy.

I was also too distracted, upset, and just not in the right head space.

I also felt like I wanted to do more than I could handle and then at the same time

was like: "why bother" one really cares anyway.

Well, I have some good news:

I finally figured it ALL out.

That's right people.

I figured it out.

Not like when you take LSD and have a "revelation" and see the entire Universe and that we are all ONE...or when your stoner friend gives you some ayawaska and tells you its "spiritual".

And then you wake up the next day and you idea you wrote down, or the poem, or the song you thought was incredible actually sucks.

This is different.

This is real.

I finally figured out a way to make a plan, and an outline, and structure that will work.

It was all sort of cosmic, in a way. I kind of feel like I didn't really "do anything". It just fell out of the sky, like it usually does.

Anyway, to make a VERY long story short, (my laptop is over heating and I'm out of batteries)...

I was saved by TECHNOLOGY, and a little hard work.

Well, truth be told, I have been developing this big plan for DECADES. It has literally taken me thousands of hours of preparation, and research, and studying, and practciing, and traveling all over the world in places very few can afford, or even know about. And even though, it may appear that I've been "spinning my wheels" on random, unrelated tasks, oddly enough, 97% of them have been precisely connected and super focussed on the primary goal structure the entire time.

So, I guess I was lucky, once again.

In conclusion, I'd like to spell out some very basic concepts and broad brush strokes:

1. I am separating as a private individual and a public figure.

no more doing it all in once place...

2. I wear different hats now. Not too many, but certainly a few. Each hat has a social media group that goes with it, and its not that big of a deal.

3. As a writer, I have only TWO places that I do my bulk of writing.

Right here is the main one. I get to write whatever to whomever and have it actually go somewhere and live in a HOME. I can also meta tag and key word and hashtag and carefully define my target audience and WHY and WHAT the deal is.

In other words: I can have many friends who like different music. I don't have to write a blog for my punk rock friends who aren't interested in Jazz. Nor would I want them to suffer through that. I can still be friends with Punk Rockers and Jazzers. Just not at the same time!

Get it!

Same thing with politics. Not all Republicans are assholes. Although many people around the world might disagree. I can still have friends from both sides. Just need to be aware and sensitive to who my audience so that I don't offend people and that my message goes to the right people who actually care. etc.

4. Thanks to our friend, Mr. Technology, it finally all came together this year. Facebook Live, WIX, Hootsuite, Vimeo, Youtube, Google+, Snapchat, and all the others now work together as a team, and its easy to manage, and its easy to understand and its easy to sell stuff and market it and interact more than ever.

More bang for your buck as they say.

5. Lastly, I just want to say that it feels good to have a private self now. And I think my public self will be of more value really to those who may want to follow, like, subscribe, and purchase my 5 products.

They are physically:

a book and a few cd's I produced...

and three digital things;

a digital book on iTunes, (iBooks), a few digital cd's on iTunes,

and a few digital videos soon to be available on Vimeo, Youtube, and maybe iTunes.

That's it.

This new structure and framework will make it easy to manage and easy for people to understand what I do. I'm not the end all be all to everyone. Just a regular guy to some people, and whatever else you wanna call it.

Thank you for listening. Feel free to learn more, at your own pace.

I'll be seeing you guys soon, digitally, in one way or another...and in many ways, in Hi Def, 4K, streaming, and lots of fun surprises!

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